Limbo Europe develops eco-friendly funeral products promoting circular economy

UPV, under the Edu4plastic Erasmus European project, collaborates with the Limbo Europe company to promote a circular economy for plastics.

Limbo Europe, a company from Alcoy dedicated to the innovation and distribution of ecological solutions in the funerary world, integrates into its catalogue several products made from ingredients whose origin is based on the circular economy. In this company, the transformation of bioproducts from different origins is a constant.

Limbo’s product portfolio includes ecological urns made from different materials, depending on which ones are used materials, according to which they acquire their functionality. For example, the Ólea urn is made from crushed olive pits, which are used instead of being agricultural waste, they become an urn with an attractive appearance.

This biodegradable product, when buried with the ashes of the deceased, gradually decomposes in the soil, enriching it gradually decomposes in the soil, enriching it with nutrients and promoting the fertility of the burial site where they are buried.

More information can be found HERE.
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