The importance of networking and constant education

At the After PLASTIX evaluation meeting, we presented to companies and institutions working in the “plastics sector” the opportunities for further cooperation within the framework of the international partner consortium, focusing on the upcoming thematic meetings to be organised by our project partners from the Netherlands, Sweden and Italy. Since the problems of plastic accumulation are multifaceted and affect almost the entire world, solutions to this challenge must be found at multiple levels.

The exchange of good practices, presentations of innovations, and peer-to-peer networking are essential for improving regional policies that facilitate the transition to a resource-efficient, green, competitive, and low-carbon economy. And we should not forget EDUCATION. Only educated individuals will be able to make a significant contribution to green change.

The development of green skills and the strengthening of green practices in higher education teachers, students, managers, and employees are being addressed at FEP through the Erasmusplus project EDU4PlastiCircular, which we have presented to other project partners and to companies and institutions working in the field of plastics and education.
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