Microplastics: tomorrow's macro problem - "MicPlaPROB"

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Dermol svetovanje d.o.o. is an SME located in Slovenia, specializing in web solutions, training & consulting. The company’s main scope of work is building online learning platforms & portals, websites, as well as co-creating digital strategies. Among activities, the company offers coaching targeting especially SMEs in Slovenia, where it can help owners, managers and employees make first steps into the digital world. Dermol svetovanje d.o.o. manages several online learning portals, some of them in the English language and one public portal in the Slovene language. On this portal (https://znanje.biz), the company authors some of the online courses; the topics of these courses help people to obtain some relevant knowledge about digital media, thus supporting digital literacy. One of the company’s activities is also technical support of online conferences and other online events for clients from Slovenia & abroad (Makelearn Conference, PiConf Conference).

Fakulteta za varstvo okolja (https://www.fvo.si/) – Faculty of Environmental Protection (FVO) is an independent higher education institution founded in 2006. The undergraduate first-level Bologna study programme Environmental Protection and Eco technologies was accredited in 2007. In 2011, the FVO acquired accreditation to perform the postgraduate second-level Bologna study programme. The FVO offers a contemporary interdisciplinary study programme within environmental sciences in the broadest sense of the word, and its operation is intertwined with the fields of natural, technical, biotechnical, social sciences and humanities. In the academic year 2019-2020, the undergraduate programme was renewed to offer even more current, diverse, and professional content on environmental and nature conservation topics. The research work is focused on targeted research and applied projects, projects for specific stakeholders, and with special emphasis on the involvement of students with the aim to strengthen their professional and general competencies.

Centre for Legal Informatics Studies – Taranto Observatory works as a NGO and is a part of the network CSIG Italy (20 associations). CSIG Taranto is a centre for research in the field of new technologies and its impact on our life and social dimension. It studies the social role of technology and every form of social inclusion mediated by technology.

CSIG Taranto works close with the University of Bari; together they have organized two editions of a Master Course in Information Technology and Law. Together they are publishing International Journal of Law and Digital Society.

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