We have the winners!

In our video competition, students – competitors created 34 videos on the topic “World without microplastics”.

Choosing the best videos was challenging, as all the videos were great!

Two videos with the highest total score: 

Tiny but deadly: microplastics in cigarettes

Authors: Maks Gluvič, Tilen Sadar, Mohamad Murad

Gimnazija in Srednja šola Rudolfa Maistra Kamnik

Mentor: prof. Rafaela Kožlakar

How to reduce the amount of microplastics

Authors: Domen Gojčič, Nika Križman, Nuša Fekonja

Višja prometna šola Maribor

Mentor: prof. Vlasta Ojsteršek

Showcase of the best videos

Award-giving ceremony for competitors from Slovenia

We are preparing a special live event in WOOP Arena Ljubljana, Moskovska ulica 10, Ljubljana, on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, at 16:00.

All competitors – authors of videos, regardless of their video ranking, are invited to join us on a fun event to celebrate the end of the project together. 

To facilitate the organization, we kindly ask you to REGISTER FOR THE EVENT no later than 1 week before the event (until April 12, 2023).

Event - the best video announcement in images

List of competing videos, sorted by submission date:

Numbers of the videos are also included in the name of each video on the YouTube channel, where each video has its number (see the list below) before the title.

Who can participate?

About the videos

Teams participate in the competition with videos they produce. The videos must be their original work and be relevant to the issue of microplastics in today’s world. It is desirable that the videos at least partially use the knowledge gained from webinars in this project’s initial months.

Selection of the best videos

Selection of the best video will be done by the jury and the audience, in the following proportions:

All the videos will be available at the YouTube channel of the Microplastics project, in the playlist Video competition.

The prizes

10 videos with the best total scores will get the prizes.

The authors of the best 5 ranking videos – 1st until 5th place will get a gift card of 40 € (each author) for Big Bang (Slovenia) or the Amazon shop.

The authors of the videos ranked from the 6th to 10th place will get practical prizes from the companies who support the project and care about environmental issues.

The final awards ceremony for the best participants from Slovenia will take place in April 2023, live in the Ljubljana Trampolin park WOOP.

Timeline of the competition

All the videos will be available at the YouTube channel of the Microplastics project, in the playlist Video competition.

Detailed information about the competition

Detailed information can be found here:

Helpful information from Workshop on Video Storytelling
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