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EDU4PlastiCircular Project

General data

Project leaflet


Project's main objective

The project’s main objective is to develop and boost the green skills of HEI teachers and students, managers and employees, and green practices and awareness for plastic in circular economy and neutral economy and to contribute to the EU’s digital transformation by:
1. Creating innovative training methods and reference process framework based on best practices of education
2. Releasing open training materials, e-learning platform and upskilling at least 200 learners.

Project activities

The activities to be implemented during this project are the following:

Expected results and outcomes of the project

EDU4PlastiCircular innovative training programme will contribute to green skills/competences development related to plastic in circular and neutral economies by exploiting the created open results:

Work packages

Work package n°2 - EDU4PlastiCircular training methodology design

The activities of this work package are convergent to achieve the TRAINERS critical mass of knowledge and competencies to support the
EDU4PlastiCircular training programme development, implementation and project sustainability.

The main results of WP2 are as follows:

Work package n°3 - EDU4PlastiCircular digital content design

The main result of WP3 is the digital learning content and OERs (to be used in WP4). The created digital library will include resources for HEI educators,  students, managers and employees.

Training programme unit/elements will be the following:

Work package n°4 - EDU4PlastiCircular implementation and exploitation

These objectives/activities will contribute to testing and validating the EDU4PlastiCircular training programme and creating the first big group of trainees/beneficiaries. Also, they will contribute to the trainers’ training via 2 LTTA – Learning, teaching and training activities developed F2F.

Work package n°5 - EDU4PlastiCircular dissemination and sustainability

The main objective of this work package is to disseminate the EDU4PlastiCircular project results to local, regional and international audiences and raise awareness about the topics to ensure continuous plastic waste ends up in the environment, green technologies, green/responsible behaviour of users to achieve EU climate neutral economy objectives.

Specific Objectives & Results

SO1: To gather best practices of plastic in circular economy & neutral economy and prepare reference process models (policies & rules).

Results: Handbook with best practices, curriculum, syllabus, skills card definition.

SO2: To design innovative training methods tailored for HEIs staff and students, managers and employees.

Results: Handbook with innovative training methods.

SO3: To implement training materials and deploy them using online and mobile classrooms.

Results: Digital library with training materials, e-learning content, e-learning platform.

SO4: To test and verify the efficiency of the learning methods, materials and innovative online/mobile learning platform.

Results: tested e-learning platform, performed online and live courses, 200 educated pilot learners.

SO5: To ensure sustainability, usefulness and longevity of the EDU4PlastiCircular training program and other project deliverables.

Results: sustainability plan and business model for after-project ends, signed agreement with partners future collaborations with 5 concrete actions, signed letters of cooperation with (future) remote work companies and/or public bodies.

Main target group

Main target group of the EDU4PlastiCircular project are adult lifelong-learners from EU countries (18 – 65 years old), particularly (by role):

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