A Successful Kick-Off: EDU4PlastiCircular Project Embarks on Its Journey

Project partners of the EDU4PlastiCircular project in Brasov 2024

In the beautiful city of Brasov, Romania, something special was happening. People from different places came together at Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov for the first meeting of the EDU4PlastiCircular project. It was a chance to start working on making education about plastics more sustainable.

Where We Met: Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov

The meeting took place at Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov, a friendly place with great facilities. They welcomed us warmly and showed us around their impressive 3D printing lab, giving us ideas for the project.

Meeting in the 3D printing lab at the Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov

Project Coordinator: Anca Draghici from Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara

Anca Draghici from Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara led the meeting and helped us understand what we need to do for the project.

Anca Draghici from Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara

Getting Started on the Project

The meeting marked the official start of the project. We talked about all the things we need to do, like making educational materials and involving different people who care about plastics.

Excellent start to a new project!

Visiting the 3D Printing Lab

During our visit, we saw the cool 3D printing lab at Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov. Seeing how they use technology to make things from plastic was amazing.

Meeting New Friends and Partners

We didn’t just talk about work. We also had time to meet new people who are part of the project. It was a chance to make friends and find ways to work together.

The team from DERMOL d.o.o., Slovenia, explaining the future project dissemination activities

What Comes Next

As we left Brasov, we felt excited about what’s ahead. We know there’s a lot of work to do, but we’re ready for the challenge. Together, we believe we can make a real difference in how people learn about and use plastics.

The first day of the meeting was held at the Rectorate of the university
6 partners from 4 countries are joining forces in this project
Meeting host – prof. Dana Perniu from Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov
We started the meeting with the presentation of all the partners
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